Welcome to our new website. Here we have a range of information on renewable energies. Our intention is to discuss the main technologies and how they can help home owners, landlords and developers create homes which are not only cheaper and more pleasant to live, but can also generate a profit.

This is is a really exciting area to be involved in. The date of our website launch (12th July ’13) was also the date which the DECC announced the official RHI figures. This now means that a homeowner will get paid to heat their home using a renewable energy. For a while it’s been possible using the Feed-in Tariff to get paid for generating electricity. If a home combines the two it can a highly lucrative investment.

We cover a range of renewable energies including ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, solar PV panels and solar thermal.
I’ve also included some complementary technologies such as insulation and underfloor technologies. When combined with renewable energy the benefits are huge, both financially and in terms of reducing a home’s carbon footprint.

Our intention is to get this site as interactive as possible, so please feel free to leave any comments  after each blog post.

So for now I encourage you to choose a category from above and get reading!

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